Q: How to work with StartPrototyping and get a quotation from us?

You can send your 3D CAD data to our company email address at [email protected] or complete our RFQ form on our website www.StartPrototyping.com. Once you send over the files along with your requirements on quantity, surface finish and material, our project manager will contact you with a quotation or some questions in 24-48 hours. We prefer to use STEP or IGES files for a quote.

Q: What is StartPrototyping typical lead time for a project?

Our typical lead time for a prototype project is 7 days or less. SLA parts can be done in 2 days and shipped. If you are looking for 1000+ CNC machined parts, we would need about 2 weeks to complete the project. All orders will be shipped using TNT or DHL. It will take about 2 days for shipments.

Q: What is StartPrototyping’s standard tolerances?

Our general tolerance is ISO DIN 2768F for metal parts and 2768M for plastic parts. We can achieve +/-0.02mm or even tighter tolerance for CNC machined parts if required.

Q: Do you do inspection on the parts?

Yes. All the parts will be inspected during production and will go through our quality control department before shipping. They will be inspected according to the 3D CAD files and the drawings. We can provide the inspection report if required.

Q: What are your payment terms?

We normally request payment upfront for all new customers for the first order.