1. Fast manufacturing

RP technology is an effective means of manufacturing complex prototypes or parts in concurrent engineering. It can synchronize product design and mold production, thus improving the efficiency of enterprise research and development, shortening product design cycle, and greatly reducing the cost and risk of new product development, especially for products with small shape and special shape.

  1. Integration of CAD/CAM Technology

The integration of design and manufacture has always been a difficult point. At present, computer aided process (CAPP) cannot be seamlessly connected with CAD and CAM, which is also one of the difficulties that restrict the informatization of manufacturing industry. Rapid prototyping technology integrates CAD, CAM, laser technology, numerical control technology, chemical industry and material engineering. The concept of integration of design and manufacturing is perfectly realized by many technologies.

  1. Fully reproducing three-dimensional data

The parts completed by rapid prototyping can reproduce the three-dimensional model completely and truly. Whether the outer surface is a special-shaped surface or the inner cavity of the special-shaped hole, it can truly and accurately complete the modeling. Basically, it no longer needs to be repaired with external equipment.

  1. There are many kinds of moulding materials.

There are many kinds of materials used in various RP equipment, such as resin, nylon, plastics, paraffin, paper and metal or ceramic powder, which basically meet the mechanical performance requirements of most products.

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