Do you know the advantages of Nylon for 3D printing ? Nylon (PA), also known as polyamide, nylon materials of various types, common nylon materials are: PA66, PA6, PA12, etc. Nylon is one of the most common 3D printing materials in the 3D printing market. Nylon is a synthetic polymer with high wear resistance, toughness, strength and heat resistance. These features make nylon an ideal choice for various 3D printing applications.


What are the advantages of 3D printed nylon materials?


  1. For prototype and functional verification parts, such as gears and tools, nylon can be reinforced with carbon fiber or glass fiber, resulting in excellent mechanical properties for lightweight parts.


  1. Nylon has high rigidity and flexibility. When you print a thin products, your parts will be flexible, and when you print a thick wall, your parts will be rigid. This is ideal for making moving hinges with rigid parts and flexible joints.


  1. The parts of nylon printing have some particle feeling, no support and almost no post-processing.


  1. Nylon for 3D printing can be used to make moving and interlocking parts. This eliminates the need to assemble individual printed parts and makes it possible to produce highly complex objects more quickly.

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