Sometimes you need prototypes in the real production materials or low/mid volumes of parts where production tooling doesn’t make sense. You might have a tight deadline to meet or need to quickly market test a new product iteration. At StartPrototyping our rapid injection molding solutions offer fast, high-quality parts from real materials.

How It Works

Depending on your project requirements StartPrototyping build molds from either aluminium or steel. We utilise standard mold bases and if possible simplify the tool design to keep costs and lead times to a minimum. Ultimately what we offer is a flexible, tailored solution to realise real injection molded parts in rapid lead times.

Advantages Of Injection Moulding

Lower upfront investment


Real production grade materials

High quality

High speed


Used For

Prototypes from real materials

A bridge between prototype and production

Low volume production

Market testing

Rapid parts


Rapid Injection Molding Tips

All projects and manufacturing processes come with their own challenges and guidelines for success. For rapid injection molding there are a number of things you can do to reduce the cost and lead time.

Surface finish is one.

The less processing we need to do to the tool to achieve your desired surface finish the quicker and cheaper it will be. We suggest an SPI Finish B-1 600 Grit Paper as far as possible.

About Start Prototyping Start Prototyping mainly supply our rapid prototyping service and plastic injection manufacturing for many 3D print companies in the world. Start Prototyping has been engaged in rapid prototyping about 10 years, helping too many designers to turn their ideas into reality. Most of the conceptual prototype of the design has been successfully put into the market and has achieved good benefits. Among them, the most representative metal prototype machining, plastic prototype machining, CNC aluminum machining, Low-Volume Manufacturing, processing technology including CNC machining, vacuum casting, rapid tooling, 3D printing and so on. We have the standard quality inspection process, which is completely in line with the customer’s industrial design. It’s a great honor to be a partner with you. Contact Info Contact:James Yuan Company:Start Prototyping Add:LongGang Village, LongXi Town, BoLuo County, HuiZhou City,GuangDong Province, China Tel:+86-13352636504 Email:[email protected] Web: