* The CNC machine can be used continuously for 24 hours with fast speed.

* CNC machining precision is high.

* The surface treatment and texture are similar to the bulk.

* Materials can be widely selected to meet the functional test of the product.

Comparison between CNC machining and 3D printed prototype.

There is a big difference between material and appearance. This is because 3D printed material is liquid solidified and formed, which often fails to meet the functional and appearance test requirements of many customers’ product samples. Therefore, CNC prototype model processing is still the mainstream processing method.

CNC plastic processing

CNC machining is a common process of Startprototyping, can process high-precision visual design model, functional industrial prototype. The rapid turnover and high precision of the visual model can be realized through a variety of materials. During the concept phase of the prototype, the materials used will be the closest to the materials and appearance of your bulk injection molding goods.

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