About rapid prototyping

In the field of engineering and designing the process of creating a prototype is a very necessary and essential one. It provides the engineers and product developers a clear scope and idea of what the product will look like and the concept with a flourish in it. However, this process was also very expensive and took up a lot of resources which is not the most effective way towards productions.

This is where rapid prototyping becomes more plausible and effective in every way. In the rapid prototyping, there is no need for expensive modeling of the prototyping, instead, there are several techniques that can be used to create 3D models of the product part of the assembly. This process is easy and requires much lesser time and resources as compared to the past techniques, and also provides freedom in designing and prototyping

Uses of rapid prototyping

Today, rapid prototyping is used in many industries for prototyping variety of products and their parts. Due to the super versatile process and techniques involved, the industries are using it for different uses. Some of the uses of rapid prototyping are:

  • Functional prototype: there is a major requirement to see the functional prototype before the final production stage. This is because with the help of the functional prototype the designers and developers can see and understand the details of a model, and can also check its design, fit and manufacturability. With rapid prototyping, creating functional prototype has become easier and effective.
  • Concept prototype: physical concept models are a requirement when it comes to showcasing a certain idea to the clients or shareholders. It helps the designers to understand and check the idea and their assumptions regarding the model and the final product and with rapid prototyping, this has become a reality
  • Workable prototype: rapid prototyping help in creating a working prototype which displays the aesthetics of the final product and also gives an in-depth idea about the products function and application in the real world.

Benefits of rapid prototyping

Some of the benefits of using rapid prototyping as a prototyping method in the field of designing and engineering are:

  • One can make changes in the designs so as to evaluate the workability and functionality of the design with the help of rapid prototyping. This will help in polishing and refining the end product of the process.
  • It helps in saving time and money as the process helps in visualizing the ideas and concepts in a much easier and time-effective manner. This will help to know about the concept and will also help in detecting any kind of flaw in it.
  • One can avoid costly design flaws which can be the root of further costing problems in the future with the help of rapid prototyping. One can test the prototype beforehand only so as to assess the model completely.
  • One can save money and time also because there is no need for any kind of tools or setups required in the process. With minimum costing one can create models and prototypes made of different materials with the same equipment only.

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