Over the last few years, additive manufacturing has been making inroads into a wide variety of industries.

The additive manufacturing is currently becoming a technique much sought after by various manufacturers, this because it has a long list of benefits that perhaps customers could not even imagine, but thanks to the evolution of manufacturing today is possible.

Additive manufacturing was assigned to only a limited number of industries, however it has been shown that it can occupy any sector.

Previously it was believed that only some industries could make use of additive manufacturing, such as the health sector, or electronic, among others, ruling out the possibility that other areas of application could be added to the list of companies that would accompany their productions with these techniques.

Unexpected sectors have also been infected by the fever of 3D printing and is that the versatility, precision and ease with which it makes any product is definitely a feature that costs a lot to observe. The construction industry was exclusive of the traditional methods since this requires the creation of rather heavy metallic materials and a large volume, however also required the services of the additive manufacturing.

Many will wonder how it is possible that 3D printing machines are able to recreate parts that are required in the construction industry, and the response is easier than expected.

First let’s talk about the least. 3D printing is able to recreate the complete structure of a building on a small scale, this makes evaluating the behavior of the materials and the design of the building much easier and safer. This type of printing is not exclusive of materials related to the family of polymers, but also allows you to add metal to your list of materials.

Then we will think about the largest structure. The area of ​​construction has always been quite rigid in terms of the materials it needs to be able to make possible the construction of any structure that has been previously designed, and this of course has limited in a certain way many engineers and architects that maybe I would like more functional designs for your plans, even though they have done everything they could.

Small parts could make a big difference in the construction industry.

However, when considering the additive manufacturing, on a large scale all constructions could be optimized completely, since the smaller pieces, the unions, among others, could have the opportunity to present themselves in fully functional forms that would be capable of carrying the industry to its maximum manufacturing point.

You can see from this moment how all these methods are gradually scaling in all existing industries, this is only an indication of how effective they end up being each of their processes and how they have optimized completely all the areas in which they have performed significant changes. Since these techniques came to market, they have managed to keep their validity intact, it will surely be a long time before they can be replaced with other more effective technologies.

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