The additive manufacturing almost ends with the specific production chains and millions of companies are grateful for this.

The impact that additive manufacturing has generated are virtually incredible, and that in recent years has not developed a way of manufacturing that could be so precise and varied, and whose margin of errors was minimal, virtually non-existent, thus ending many limitations that certain manufacturers had before.

The processes previously were quite rigid and gave almost nil opportunities to carry out some type of evolution.

Previously, all the processes that involved in the production of some piece used to be quite rigid, this because the first times that it tried to ring certain parts of a set, it was made by means of a mold, or rather, a series of molds with the same characteristics, but not only we talked about a single company, but there was a standard of pieces and practically at an international level they were all the same.

The pieces generated by the specific production chain were the same everywhere in the world.

Because the pieces were standardized, the companies could not make drastic changes or make their equipment more functional, since the molds were a kind of limit that did not give way to the evolution of the products, nevertheless an opportunity arose to achieve that the mold was broken and that what existed only in the fantasy of the designers could be a reality.

The specific production chain existed for a long time and initially managed to generate a strong demand, since it was at the time the most practical way to manufacture mass products, without having to resort to the traditional method for the time, to manufacture a to a the pieces and through the method of observation to determine if these were equal or different from the original, to know which were functional and which would be discarded immediately.

The additive manufacturing broke with the production chain by showing a bit of individualism in the pieces, giving way to the creation of multiple wonders.

However, since the arrival of additive manufacturing, the manufacturers managed to satisfy many of their design needs, and they were even able to launch much more improved and longer-lasting versions of their most known products on the market.

Years pass and the technique is still as effective as always, and is that unlike the others, this saves time and money, because, if observed carefully, place material layer on layer to form the requested part is much more practical to carve the piece from another, or to mold it with another series of late procedures. It is also necessary to take into account that additive manufacturing contributes much more resistance to the piece because it is able to create it in a uniform way, and does not give space to the material to be more or less dense in certain parts, that only It will determine the general structure in the design, and will be according to the needs of the clients.

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