Since the most modern methods came to the factories, very few companies have managed to make way for their evolution.

Many industrial sectors have tried to investigate a bit in the sale of parts or pieces from certain companies that have established innovative manufacturing methods, for this reason they usually go to the services of various producers to achieve this goal.

Although the industries that offer rapid prototyping service have been growing in number over the past few years, not many of these can achieve precision through additive manufacturing, as there are industries that require unparalleled precision, as the success of the piece created will depend exclusively on the accuracy of it, that is to say that there is no room for mistakes, even if this piece were to fail even by millimeters, it would be out of the range of useful products.

There are many industries that require a combination of resistance and accuracy, and very few companies can give them the assurance that their products will have the right measure, however, for 10 years, a company has been revolutionizing this industry with the highest quality high and a precision that does not fail.

Offering rapid prototyping service has allowed technology to reach vital fields, fields that are related to the health of all living beings, for example the health industry, which by itself already has extensive areas of applications where a simple Prototype could represent hope for many and salvation for the lives of many.

In the field of health, there have been several cases where patients have lost some part of the body, and this absence represents in most cases the loss of certain functions that are vital for patients. It is at this point that the importance of additive manufacturing can be noted, since this can in some way help the manufacture of specific and complex pieces that will help patients to improve their quality of life in a great way, or in the best of all, they will manage to save a life, which is a pretty great merit.

One of the main areas of application of a rapid prototyping service in the field of health, is related to the manufacture of implants.

Sometimes patients lose some part of the body, either because they suffer an accident, also due to attrition, among other reasons; It would be believed that an additive manufacturing would not be a novelty for this industry, since implants have been used for many years, but these were developed from certain measures that were standard for those who created these implants.

The real revolution is not found in the manufacture of these implants, the novelty lies in the fact that they can be made to measure and in a personalized way, this is because not all patients have the same needs and do not comply with the standard measures that they had been established before, and in addition to this, the diseases do not meet a standard.

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