CNC prototyping is a innovation method to create rapid prototype. Due to its’ quick turnaround and reliable, the process is widely used in prototype building nowadays. Here, we are going to talk about some reasons of using CNC machining to make prototypes.

1. CNC machining is fast, which allows you to get the parts and low volume products at a short lead-time. Time is money, you can post your product in the market quicker than your competitors.

2. There are no fixed tooling required on CNC machining. The harden metal cutting inserts used in the spindles are the only tool used for CNC milling and turning. This is great different with the other processes, which we can save costs and lead-time to make the fixed tooling.

3. CNC machining is accurate. We can achieve general tolerance at +/-0.05 mm by CNC machine, which allows you to have accurate parts without compromises.

4. CNC machining is easy to do the modification on part’s structure, meanwhile, wide ranges of material available to meet your product’s requirements.