Bringing a great idea to reality means you need to take a number of works starts from 3D model building to prototype manufacturing then functional verification. If the idea can’t go through prototyping stage, the product/idea has no chances to present and show in public, which means your product can’t launch the market.

Here, we are going to talk about the steps to do next when your prototype doesn’t work.

1. Examine the design of your prototype

If the design exist a lot of variables, it always brings vibrations to the prototype. Typically, the simpler design the better function. So we always suggest our client to simplify their design at maximum, which can improve the products application and cut down the manufacturing costs.

2. Failure at the material selection.

Results of prototype can be significantly impacted by material selections. Prototype can be divided into several categories, concept prototype, visual presentation prototype, functional & working prototype, etc. We must base on the prototype’s application to selection the material.

3. Look at the testing parameters.

We can tell the issues straightly by analysis the testing parameters. Find out the potential factors lead to failure, and adjust the design for better performance.